cancer - doing what we can to help you through your treatment

£190 New Eyebrow Enhancement (price includes 2 treatments)

Eyeliner from £100.

Here at Flawless Foundations we want to help those facing the side effects of hair loss due to the treatment of Cancer. That’s why we offer Digital Microblading (semi permanent makeup brow tattoos) to those pre or post chemo for as small a price as we can afford. 


Usually £265, it will be charged at £190 for those looking to start, currently undergoing (with permission from obstetrician) or recently completed chemotherapy or radiotherapy. 


We can also help with eyelash loss by adding a small natural eyeliner to the top lid, bottom lid or both. It can give the illusion of full eyelashes whilst they are missing. This will also be discounted by £50 making the treatment £100 for top or bottom eyeliner and £200 for both top and bottom. 


You will be offered a free consultation agreeing your perfect look, measurements and colour before any procedure begins, making sure you achieve a natural result to suit you and your individual style. Please make a note in the section provided that you are eligible for this discount when booking online. 

To achieve your perfect brows your first stage will be to discuss in detail what you are looking for. Together we will decide what colour, shape and enhancements you are looking for to achieve your desired brows. We can either add a few hairs to your current brows to naturally enhance them or we can work to restructure your brows by lifting and replacing any absent hairs to define your current shape. We can also create completely new brows for those who have completely lost them for various reasons.

At Flawless Foundations we use the popular Digital Microblading technique with super fine micro needles to create fine hairline strokes within the brow. For whatever reason you are looking for a Brow Enhancement there will be a technique and style to suit your needs, giving your face a whole new definition.

The treatment will take around 2-2.5hrs and you will be free to ask any questions during your procedure. We will start by designing, measuring and drawing your eyebrow shape on your face and once we have agreed this is your desired look, we will proceed with the treatment using our latest tattoo machine.

All new treatments are carried out in 2 stages, the follow up appointment being around 4-6 weeks after your initial treatment to allow the skin to heal before we work on any adjustments that may be required.